Is Gomorrah on Netflix? Where to Watch the Full Series

Is Gomorrah on Netflix? Where to Watch the Full Series

Gomorrah is an Italian television series that has been described as the country’s answer to Breaking Bad. The show has been very successful, with high viewership ratings and positive reviews.

But can you watch Gomorrah on Netflix outside of Italy?

Unfortunately, the series is not currently available on Netflix in most regions due to copyright issues. However, if you live in the Netherlands, you are in luck – you can watch the series on Netflix there.

You can still stream Gomorrah on Netflix from anywhere using a VPN, so don’t worry! A VPN allows you to change your Netflix region and unblock the show easily.

How to Watch Gomorrah on Netflix from anywhere 

If you want to watch Gomorrah on Netflix from your country, follow these steps:

1. Choose a VPN and subscribe. Surfshark is an affordable option with a money-back guarantee.

2. Download the VPN on your device and log in to your account.

3. Connect to a server in the Netherlands. 

4. Visit Netflix and enjoy streaming the series from anywhere.

Gomorra Netflix countries

Gomorra is a popular Italian TV show that is unfortunately only available to watch on Netflix in the Netherlands. If you’re not in the Netherlands, you won’t be able to watch the show anywhere else.

Easy Steps to Watch Gomorra on Netflix with a VPN from anywhere

If you want to stream the Italian show on Netflix, using a VPN is the easiest way to do it. If you haven’t used a VPN before, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you unblock the series.

1. Get a VPN for Netflix

If you’re looking to sign up for a VPN that works with Netflix, I recommend Surfshark. It’s very affordable and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can cancel your account at any time if you’re not happy with it.

2. Download the VPN on your device

Download the VPN app on the device to get started. You’ll just need to download the setup file and install it. Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous connections so you can stay connected no matter where you are.

3. Connect to a server 

Once you’ve set up the VPN on your device, it’s time to connect to a server. If you want to watch Gomorra, you’ll need to connect to a server in the Netherlands. This will allow you to unblock the Netherland Netflix library, where the show is available for streaming.

4. Visit Netflix and stream

After you connect to the VPN server, visit Netflix and search for the show you want to watch. You should now be able to stream it without any issues. Enjoy!

What is Gomorrah about?

Gomorrah is an Italian series set in Naples in the 2010s. The series follows Ciro Di Marzio, a member of Secondigliano, headed by Pietro Savastano. After the arrest of Pietro, an internal power struggle breaks out in the gang and rival gangs as well between the old guard and the young guard.

The series portrays the realistic side of the Neapolitan underworld and family dynamics. It is one of the most-watched shows on Sky TV with an audience score of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Ciro and Gennaro find themselves at odds and the rivalry threatens to break families apart.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Gomorrah on Netflix USA?

As of May 2020, the Italian series Gomorrah has been removed from Netflix. Right now, the only place you can watch the crime thriller is in the Netherlands.

How many seasons of Gomorrah are there on Netflix?

Gomorrah is a great show with a total of five seasons and 58 episodes.

What streaming service is Gomorrah on?

You can find Gomorrah streaming on both HBO Max and Netflix. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can watch the show in the Netherlands library.

Where can I watch season 5 of Gomorrah?

If you want to watch Gomorrah season 5 on Netflix, you can do so by using a VPN to unblock the show. This will allow you to watch the show from anywhere in the world, regardless of where you are currently living.


If you’re a fan of Narcos, you’ll love Gomorrah – the Italian mob show about Napoli’s underworld mafia. Luckily, the show is still available on Netflix, so you can easily stream it from anywhere in the world. Just connect to a VPN, change your region and enjoy!

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